INTERCOMS - For the ultimate convenience and security

Main Gate Automation can offer a large range of Intercom brands allowing us to be able to meet all your needs. Our main brands used are AIPHONE and AES. Intercoms can be very basic then go to the most elaborate with colour video screens with pan-tilt cameras, able to release your front gates with a press of a button.


ACCESS CONTROL & ACCESSORIES – to complete and enhance your security.

TRANSMITTERS – Main Gate Automation can source almost any brand of hand transmitter if you are in need of a replacement or an extra one. Send us a photo so we can do the running around for you.

KEYPADS – Allow you access buy using a 4-6 digit key code instead of carrying a transmitter with you. If cabling is an issue we can offer you a WIRELESS KEYPAD.

GSM SYSTEM – Will open your gates from your Smart phone. This option gives you complete control at your fingertips. With the ability to open and close your gate and garage door, or switch devices on and off and be sent SMS alerts, all via your Smart phone. It lets you look after your home or business from just about anywhere.

SAFTEY BEAMS – Main Gate Automation recommend safety beams to be fitted to all auto-closing automatic gates. This prevents the gate closing onto a vehicle, person or pet.

BATTERY BACKUP - This will allow the gates to continue to work normally for up to 2 days or 45 operations, after a power failure.

GARAGE DOOR CONVERSION KIT – Hate having different remotes for different devices? We can customise your operators so they work off one 4-button remote. E.g.; Button 1 – Main gate/ Button 2 – Garage 1/ Button 3 – Garage 2/ Button 4 – gate lights or pedestrian mode.


Main Gate Automation can also offer even more options to streamline your access and security;

  • Time clocks
  • Card swipe systems
  • Solar panel system
  • Push button access
  • Entry & Exit loop detection – Gates open once vehicle drives up to gates
  • CCTV Camera surveillance system

Please contact our office if you are interested in any of these options.